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Centralized Management So You Can Work Smarter

Feature Spotlight

Cloud Access

Real-time access to the information your team needs to grow your practice – FASTER.


Speed & Security

Designed for SPEED and RELIABILITY using SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption.



Secure backups to ensure your data is always SAFE!

Cross-Platform Mobility

ACCESS from your computer, phone or tablet from home, the office or even while on vacation.

Team Member Profiles

Team profiles from Supervisor, Manager, to Employees. Each profile will have access to ONLY the information that is pertinent to them.

Multiple Locations

Designed to work across MULTIPLE locations with MULTIPLE team members. Including team members that travel from location to location.



We are COMMITTED to respecting your privacy and the privacy of the information in your account. You data is not accessible to anyone, unless you make it accessible!

Designed With Your Team In Mind

New Patient Scripting

The average new patient is approximately worth $2000-5000 over their lifespan. Instantly convert up to 30% more new patients with effective scripting and no additional marketing. 

(Team access)

Secret Calling

Monitor your administrative team through secret calls by our Clinch team. Ensure your team is maximizing new patient conversions. Access to ratings, recordings and recommendations to achieve a Clinch 5-star rating.

(Manager access)


Up-to-date team contacts all stored in one location.

(Team access)


Never miss an event and keep the team in the loop of upcoming events.

(Team access)

File Storage

Hate making policy changes because you have to re-print manuals? Easy ONLINE file storage gives your entire team access to office manuals and shared files.

(Team access)


Secure File Storage

Have certain office manuals and  files that are to be seen only by management? Use secure file storage to keep them hidden from employees.

(Manager access)


Laboratory Tracking

Upgrade your lab workflow. Send a digital Rx, or upload lab scripts. LIVE tracking of all labs from pick up through production to delivery with 2-way communication for any delays. Works with any lab.

(Team access)



Inventory Control

Your entire office inventory in one place. Budget your office by knowing exactly what you have, how much it is costing you, when to reorder products, when products expire, and more…

(Team access)


Is payroll taking too much time? Elevate your HR. Employees can easily record their working hours and have access to all their time sheets. Management can easily approve payroll and export reports for payroll submission.

(Manager access)


Time-Off Requests

Eliminate HR issues that occurs with time-off requests. Employees can easily submit requests for managements approval. Visual calendar access to prevent double bookings.

(Manager access)


Integrate Sterilization logs into any steri-system by running Clinch on any mobile device. Ensure you meet regulatory standards for IPAC infection control record keeping, and more…

(Team access)


Employee Logs

AVOID litigation with proper employee record keeping and documentation.

(Manager access)


Notify your maintenance provider of equipment repairs and help prioritize and track outstanding repairs. 

(Team access)

Visual Statistics & Reports

Gain invaluable insight into your office with visual analytics and custom reports. Clinch will let you “know your numbers!”

(Manager access)

One Of The Best Options For Bridging The Gap In Your Dental Practice

Easy To Use. No Setup Required.

Clinch will guide you along the way!

Pricing Plan


Not including initial start up fees
  • Online Storage – $13/month
  • Telephone Conversion & Secret Calling – $250/month
  • Lab Tracking – $50/month
  • Inventory Control – $175/month
  • Sterilization Logging – $250/month
  • Payroll Applications – $160/month
  • HR Services – $200/month

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Our Goal Is Simple

To Reignite Your Dental Practice In The Most Affordable Way Possible

FREE Supplier Access

Vendor/supplier representatives can easily receive organized orders in one location.

Notifications that orders have been placed.

Simple 2-way communication to notify dental practices of any updates or delays.

Support your practices with a value add.

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FREE Lab Access

Notifications that cases are ready for pick-up. Access to submitted digital Rx or uploaded lab scripts.

Track cases from Pick-Up through Production to Delivery.

2-way communication to notify dental practices of any updates or delays.

Upgrade your lab workflow.

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