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I wanted to thank all the instructors for the wonderful opportunity, and for taking the time out of your weekend for the Orthodontic Training course.

Everything about the course from Day 1 was so informative…. not only did I learn, but I truly had so much fun!

Such a welcoming and positive environment with people you can tell love their jobs.

I will definitely be recommending to all my colleagues and friends.


Mary R.

“The instructor was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable, went above and beyond. We have been using the skills taught to us in the practice and have already seen a huge difference in our practice.”


Vanessa C.

“Thank you so much for your guidance throughout the course. I have tons of notes and I am truly thankful … I will continue to brush up on these every day!”



“There is nothing else like it. The attention to detail, the materials and instructors. It has definitely helped my career.”


Dr. W.

“The Clinch Learning Centre comes highly recommended – I hired some great personalities with no background in Orthodontics. After completing the Comprehensive Orthodontic Training Course they were able to successfully integrate into the practice.”

Explore Our Educational Programs

Our classes are small and deliberate

We teach in small groups the most relevant and up-to-date content necessary to perform at your best within the dental industry. Our instructor to class size ratio is designed for personalized learning.

Administrative Rapid Workshop (8 CE credits)

Guaranteed to add 2-3 NEW PATIENTS per month to your practice.

Virtual or In-Person

Grow your dental practice, and get more patients!

Experience a 1 day intense workshop for the Business Administrative Team to boost and improve the overall patient experience.

Centered around Professionalism, Patience and “People-First” attitudes, watch your new patient numbers grow!

Front Desk Business Administrator and Treatment Coordinator Breakthrough Training (16 CE credits)

Virtual or In-Person

Guaranteed to add 2-3 NEW PATIENTS per month to your practice.

Diversify your skill set over 2 days and meet the demands of the current and emerging dental practice environment. Through practical and hands-on training you will acquire the knowledge and know-how to bridge the gap between the doctor-patient relationship while improving on case acceptance through behavioural understanding and patient education.


Mastering Dental Practice Management 24 CE credits)

Virtual or In-Person


Whether you’re a seasoned dental practice manager seeking to refine your skills or new to management and looking to take your practice to the next level, “Mastering Dental Practice Management” provides the tools and expertise needed over 3 inclusive days to thrive in today’s dynamically changing landscape.

Through practical exercises and interactive training, you will gain insights and actionable strategies to optimize practice operations, manage a diverse team, enhance patient satisfaction, and drive practice growth.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Training for Dental Professionals (24 CE credits)


A unique 3 day hands-on procedural course for Dental Professionals (Doctors, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Dental Auxiliary Staff) looking to gain the necessary skills to successfully integrate into an Orthodontic practice setting or expand their orthodontic skill set.

Partnered Dental Practices

We’re Proud Of Our Affiliations

We are happy to be associated with some of the best dental and dental specialty practices in the industry to provide in-office practical hands-on training.

Enjoy an enriching learning environment with industry experienced doctors and instructors. They have first-hand knowledge and credentials, which we believe is critical for your success!

Training at the Clinch Learning Center

Becoming a Confident Professional

When you train at the Clinch Learning Center, you know you’re getting quality education that will set you apart and on the right path to a solid career. Training professionals since 2012 and located in the Greater Toronto Area, the Clinch Learning Center shares strong goodwill with dental professionals. 

At CLC, you’ll enjoy the best possible learning environment thanks to our facilities and highly experienced instructors. Each instructor has a wealth of first-hand experience in their respective fields. We believe this is the backbone of any educational institution. Training with the brightest and most qualified doctors and instructors will give you the skill set and confidence to succeed in your career.

Job Placement Assistance

We offer workshops and internships and work with dedicated Employment Specialists to help assist you to land that dream job upon completion of your course!

How Can We Help?

Some of our most frequently asked questions 


Is this course right for me?

Our courses are uniquely created with the expertise of industry leaders in practice who have each developed and trained for over 10 years. Our instructors have trained individuals with no experience to those highly skilled. Each and every one of them benefited and their dental practice saw an immediate difference.

How often are courses provided?

Our courses are provided every 8 – 12 weeks. Our website and social media channels are constantly updated for upcoming courses, dates, and selection.

Why should I take this course?

If you desire to incorporate enhanced administrative skills and practice ready clinical skills into your dental practice, then our courses will offer you an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to learning.  

What kind of experience do I need before hand?

Our courses have been designed to accommodate those with experience and those with limited experience. Our unique teaching method and wealth of information can apply and benefit all of those that attend. 

Do you offer virtual training?

Some courses can be offered virtually, whereas others require in-person training to achieve the most optimal result.

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